This tutorial is kind of complicated so i hope you have a lot of patience! 🙂
I am going to show you how to make a cute montage from your senior pictures.

This should work with any version of photoshop.

Open a new blank canvas, whatever size you want. If you’re wanting to print it make sure you have it at 300 dpi.

Press T to get to the type tool and type in “SENIOR.” The font i used here is called Freshman, and you can get it free at


Now open your first photo and drag it into the new canvas. Press CTRL+T to resize the image. (Click and hold the mouse on the edge of the borders that will show up around it and move it back and forth while holding SHIFT to keep the proportions the same.)


When you have it a smaller size, lower the opacity of that layer (in the layers palette) so that you can see the letters SENIOR beneath the picture. Adjust the picture the way you would like it on the letter.

Then CTRL+ click on the thumbnail where it says SENIOR in the layers palette. I have an arrow in the picture above pointing to where you should CTRL+click.
A selection will appear around the letters. Hit SHIFT+CTRL+I and the selection will reverse. Make sure you have the layer with the picture on it selected and hit DELETE.


As you can see, the picture cut to form around the S, and some of it went into the E as well. Just drag a selection box around the E and hit delete again to get rid of it.

Now repeat the entire process again with a new picture.


Again, i went over on the S and the N so just drag a box around the excess and hit Delete.

Continue doing this until you have finished every letter with a different picture.


Click on the SENIOR layer in the layers palette. Now, click on the button that i have a red circle around (above) and a drop-down menu will appear. Click DROP SHADOW and it will take you to the drop shadow menu. You can keep the default settings or change them up. Then on the left, hit STROKE. The default stroke color is red. Click on the stroke on the left and change the color. I used dark grey.


Then just add a background of some sort and you’re done!

If this is too complicated just let me know!!


This tutorial will show you how to make a clear watermark for your photos.
Its really easy and keeps people from being able to steal your photos without being annoying or covering most of the photo.

Ok open your photo in Photoshop and hit the “T” button to get your text-type tool.
Type in whatever name you want in the place you would like the copyright. (If you want to know how to get the © copyright symbol, just hold down ALT+0169)


Now, go to your text layer and CTRL+click on the thumbnail like shown here:


This will make a selection all around your letters. (If the selection bothers you you can hide it by clicking CTRL+H. To get the selection back press CTRL+H again)

Now click the eye next to the thumbnail to hide the text layer from view. Click on your bottom original layer in the layers palette. Click CTRL+C and then CTRL+V. What you just did was select from the bottom layer in the shape of the text above. A new layer will appear in the layers palette. Click on that new layer. Now click on the blending options button (pictured below)


In the dropdown menu that will pop up when you click this button, choose Bevel and Emboss.
You can set it whatever way looks best to you. Here are the settings I used for this photo.


Now click Ok. You now have a clear watermark for your pictures that will look something like this!


On a completely unrelated note, my husbands 22nd birthday was yesterday!
Happy birthday, Stan!

Basic photo enhancement.

August 9, 2008

This is a tutorial for very basic photo enhancement. Basically, its just getting the right lighting for your pictures and adding a softer look to it.

This is my sister, Bethany, and her husband James. I’m going to use this photo to demonstrate. You can see how right now this picture is kind of overexposed.


First, duplicate the layer. Now you should have two layers, both the same. Go to your top layer, and go to Image, Adjustments, Levels. Adjust the sliders back and forth, the one on the left is shadows, you can drag it forward to make the shadows darker, and the others are midtones and highlights. Just keep messing with it until it looks right to you.
Here’s the picture after Levels.


It already looks a lot better! Now duplicate the new layer. Select the new layer and add a slight gaussian blur to it. (about this much)


Then at the top of the layers palette, change the screen mode to Overlay and adjust the opacity from about 45-50%. Then, duplicate THAT layer, and set it to Screen with the opacity at around 25-30%.

And here’s what it looks like now!


Merge your top 3 layers together by selecting them all in the layers palette and hitting CTRL+E.
Now click back and forth on the eye icon next to the layers to compare your changes!



This tutorial will teach you how to do selective colorization to enhance your photos!




Start out with your original photo. Duplicate the layer by right clicking it in the layers bar and clicking “Duplicate layer.” Then hide the bottom layer from view by unclicking the little eye next to the layer thumbnail. (this is just so you can compare them later!)

This will require some basic knowledge of the pen tool. (see previous tutorial)
In this picture, i’ve decided i want to keep the colors of the shirt and the bracelet.

I’m going to start out by selecting the bracelet. I use the pen tool to select the bracelet. Once you finish selecting, this is what it will look like (i lowered the opacity so you could see the pen’s path.)


Right click with the pen tool and click Make Selection and click Ok. Now, you want to copy the selection and make a new layer with it. This is very easy. Just hold down CTRL+C to copy and then immediately after, hit CTRL+V to paste. The new layer should go right on top of the other one. If you hide the bottom layer you’ll see just the bracelet, like this.


Now, for the shirt. This one took me about ten minutes to select because of the grass around her. Take your time with the pen tool, you dont want it to look choppy.

After I finished selecting, i copied and made a new layer from the selection again.


I didnt want the entire shirt selected, so i went to Select, Color Range, and used the +eyedropper to choose out 4 colors from the shirt. You can adjust the fuzziness to whatever looks best to you.
Then i inverted the selection by holding CTRL+SHIFT+I and then deleted everything in the background. (you can use the delete key or CTRL+X.)

Now my new selection looks like this:


(delete the bottom selection of the shirt.)

Now go to your original picture and select it. Hold down CTRL+SHIFT+U to change it to black and white.

And here is the finished product!


Merge the top 3 layers together by pressing CTRL+E and then compare your new picture with the original.

I hope that wasnt too difficult! It takes some patience! 🙂 Comment me if you cant figure it out and i’ll try to be more specific 🙂 (By the way, this is done in Photoshop CS3)

Making simple selections with the pen tool.

This is a tutorial to teach you how to make simple selections with the pen tool. After practicing with simple lines like this one, you can use the pen tool for many other things and you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

The pen tool is very easy to find. Just open photoshop and hit “P” and it should come right up.

Start out on a blank canvas and click once anywhere.
Then, move your pointer a little farther and click one more time, but do not let go of the button. While holding the button, move the mouse around and you will see the line move back and forth. When you have it how you want it, you can let go.


Now, hold down ALT and move your mouse over the last point you made. You should see a little triangle appear over the point. Click on it and it will set the point.
Now, move your pen again and click once, holding down the button and dragging the pen until it curves the way you want it to.


You can do this as long as you want. Dont forget to press ALT and click on the points to set them. Then when you’re done, just move the mouse back around to the first point and you’ll see a little circle appear. Now you can connect the lines together to make one shape.


Now, with the pen tool still selected, right click and go to Make Selection. Leave the default settings for now and click ok. Once you click ok, the shape you made will be selected. Thats it! It takes a lot of practice to get good with the pen tool so try opening up photos from your computer or from anywhere and practice selecting around them.

Thanks for reading!