Changing colors in photoshop-easy tutorial

August 20, 2008

Changing colors in photoshop:

One of these days i’ll have something more personal to post about, but all i’ve been doing lately is working! lol. So until something interesting happens in my life, here’s another photoshop tutorial.

Please note that i’m using CS3. I am pretty sure that this will work in earlier versions but dont know for sure. This is a very basic and easy tutorial but it will help you out a lot i hope.

Okay first open your image. This one is courtesy of


On this tutorial i’m going to show you how to change the colors of one of these blocks.

Go to SELECT, COLOR RANGE and this box will come up.


Select the color you want with the eyedropper tool. If you have various shades of one color use the +eyedropper to add more, or the -one if you make a mistake. After selecting your color adjust the fuzziness until you have everything selected in the black box. Click ok.

A selection will appear around the color you selected. (In this one, I selected the red from the top block.)

If the moving selection lines annoy you can hide it by hitting CTRL+H. Dont forget that you have it selected, if you want to unselect it later hit CTRL+D to deselect or CTRL+H to view your selection again.

Now hit CTRL+U, or go to Image, Adjustments, Hue and Saturation. (I always use shortcuts)

Now you can move the Hue slider back and forth to change your color.




8 Responses to “Changing colors in photoshop-easy tutorial”

  1. Bethany Says:

    How very cool, Jennifer!! Thank you!

  2. Jennifer Blake Says:

    you’re welcome!

  3. Octamom Says:

    Hey Girl!

    Just had to brag on you over at my ‘place’ and send a little bloggy love award your way–that I received via your big sis!

    Check it out!

  4. Avtcoach Says:

    Octamom’s award put you on the map and I of course viewed your site. It is amazing! You make it seem simple, I will be using your tips and checking in often. Thanks!

  5. Jennifer Blake Says:

    awww thank you! I will try to remember to put that logo on my blog tomorrow. Thanks!!!! That was very sweet!!

  6. Jennifer Says:

    thanks avtcoach! I thought that was really sweet of her to do that!

  7. motherofmany Says:

    tee hee hee… very ironic post considering the announcement Bethany just put up!

    Congrats and blessings!

  8. Jennifer Says:

    lol i know! I didnt even find out for sure till today although i suspected I might be. I’m so excited!!!!

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