Making a senior portrait montage!

August 17, 2008

This tutorial is kind of complicated so i hope you have a lot of patience! đŸ™‚
I am going to show you how to make a cute montage from your senior pictures.

This should work with any version of photoshop.

Open a new blank canvas, whatever size you want. If you’re wanting to print it make sure you have it at 300 dpi.

Press T to get to the type tool and type in “SENIOR.” The font i used here is called Freshman, and you can get it free at


Now open your first photo and drag it into the new canvas. Press CTRL+T to resize the image. (Click and hold the mouse on the edge of the borders that will show up around it and move it back and forth while holding SHIFT to keep the proportions the same.)


When you have it a smaller size, lower the opacity of that layer (in the layers palette) so that you can see the letters SENIOR beneath the picture. Adjust the picture the way you would like it on the letter.

Then CTRL+ click on the thumbnail where it says SENIOR in the layers palette. I have an arrow in the picture above pointing to where you should CTRL+click.
A selection will appear around the letters. Hit SHIFT+CTRL+I and the selection will reverse. Make sure you have the layer with the picture on it selected and hit DELETE.


As you can see, the picture cut to form around the S, and some of it went into the E as well. Just drag a selection box around the E and hit delete again to get rid of it.

Now repeat the entire process again with a new picture.


Again, i went over on the S and the N so just drag a box around the excess and hit Delete.

Continue doing this until you have finished every letter with a different picture.


Click on the SENIOR layer in the layers palette. Now, click on the button that i have a red circle around (above) and a drop-down menu will appear. Click DROP SHADOW and it will take you to the drop shadow menu. You can keep the default settings or change them up. Then on the left, hit STROKE. The default stroke color is red. Click on the stroke on the left and change the color. I used dark grey.


Then just add a background of some sort and you’re done!

If this is too complicated just let me know!!


3 Responses to “Making a senior portrait montage!”

  1. JM Says:

    That is awesome!!!

  2. Jennifer Blake Says:

    thanks JM!

  3. Bethany Says:

    That looks soooo good!!

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