Suggestions for photoshop tutorial?

August 11, 2008

If anyone has a suggestion for a photoshop tutorial just leave me a comment and if its something I know how to do I will be glad to post about it!


5 Responses to “Suggestions for photoshop tutorial?”

  1. Bethany Says:

    Great tutorial, Jennifer. 😀

  2. Octamom Says:

    You’re doing such a great job! I’m working through your previous tutorials–I’ll be sure and come by with a suggestion as an idea hits–


  3. Jennifer Says:

    thanks octamom!
    Look forward to hearing your suggestions!

  4. JM Says:

    I do have a question… Does this work for any photo shop?? Or do you need to have a specific one?

  5. Jennifer Says:

    it should work at least for photoshop 7.0 and up. I’m using CS3. I’m trying to make these tutorials work for at least 7.0 but let me know if i’m using a tool thats not available in your edition of photoshop and i will try another way around it. 🙂

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